About Dr. Knoles


Dr. Knoles was born in Fillmore, Utah on October 27, 1944. His father was a test pilot in the Army Air Corps stationed in Baker, California and his mother worked in a bullet manufacturing factory in Salt Lake City. When World War II ended the little family moved to Bakersfield, California. Dr. Knoles' brother and sister were born in Bakersfield. He went to elementary school to the fifth grade there. He started a long association with Boy Scouting when he became a Cub Scout at age eight. He also had his first-but not last-experience with earthquakes when the Tehachapi quake destroyed one of the schools he attended. At 10 years of age the family moved to Las Vegas where his dad was employed by Nevada Power Company. Dr. Knoles was too young to be a fifth grader there but was allowed to remain because the year was half over. He proved himself to be academically capable and continued school as one of the youngest in his class.

College Years

At the end of his junior year he petitioned to attend college at Nevada Southern (now UNLV) and began college at age 16. His youth was filled with music, Scouting and school. He became an Eagle Scout at 15 and was Senior Patrol Leader for a Jamboree troop at Colorado Springs. He represented the southwest as report-to-the-nation-scout. He sang in a mixed quartet. He had an early morning paper route for five years and remembers having to return home midway through his route of collecting bills because his pockets were too heavy with silver dollars. During his teen summers he worked in construction and remembers well the 115 degree days.

LDS Mission

Five months after completing his second year of college Dr. Knoles was called to serve in the North Argentine Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He attended the Language Training Mission to learn Spanish for three months then flew to Cordoba, Argentina. After eight months of learning missionary routine he was assigned to start a Scout troop. His assignment lasted six months after which he was a branch president and district leader.


After returning it wasn't long before he proposed to Judy McCall. They married in the St. George Temple and four days later started back to school at Brigham Young University. All of his pre-dental requirements had been completed prior to his mission so Dr, Knoles graduated with a degree in Spanish-American Literature.

Dental School

He had decided to be a dentist as a pre-teen when a new orthodontist moved into Las Vegas. He invited Dr. Knoles to his office and the future was sealed even though it took another 12 years. After spending another summer in Las Vegas working with the engineers at Nevada Power Company Dr.Knoles and Judy moved to Los Angeles to attend dental school at USC (University of Southern California). Besides learning to be a dentist, many great friendships were made and the couple became acquainted with life in the ghetto and in the big city. There was opportunity to work with Hispanic people, African-Americans and Asians. As he was finishing dental school, Dr. Knoles applied to attend the orthodontic residency program at USC.

Orthodontic School

At the same time he was accepted into the orthodontic program, they adopted a baby boy and began their family. Just 17 months later, they adopted a baby daughter. When he completed school the family decided to make Utah home. They bought a house in Centerville, UT, where there were only 3,000 residents at the time. Five years later they moved just a block away to their present home-- where they have been since 1978. Since then they have adopted five more children each with a unique and exciting story. They are the proud grandparents of 12.