Orthodontic Practice

After receiving a D.D.S degree, Dr. Knoles passed the National Boards and the California and Utah state board examinations. He began practicing general dentistry in Inglewood, California, where he was for a year and a half. He then practiced with a group on Wilshire Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles.

Centerville Office

Dr. Knoles began practicing orthodontics exclusively in 1973 after moving to Utah. His first practice location was near the St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Since his home was in Centerville, it was a great blessing to meet Dr. Kent Arbuckle and Dr. Bruce Pitt, both natives of South Davis area and new dentists. They wanted to begin practices in Centerville, so Dr. Knoles asked to join them with his Orthodontic specialty. After working together for a few years they decided to build an office of their own. They have been at their present location since 1980 and recently completed a major remodel.

Farmington Office

Dr. Knoles had many patients coming from Farmington so in 1989 he purchased a house across the street from Farmington Junior High, received approval from the city and remodeled it into a cottage orthodontic office.

Taylorsville Office

In 1995, a colleague died in a tragic SCUBA diving accident. Dr. Knoles volunteered to help serve his friend's patients, and became associated with Redwood Dental Health and Dr. Dave Harrison. Dr. Knoles now provides orthodontic care in the West Valley area.

Ogden Office

Recently, Dr. Knoles joined a classmate from dental school at USC in running a dental and orthodontic clinic in Ogden. In 2005 the orthodontic practice was moved to Ogden Dental with Dr. John Davila who also graduated from USC dental school’s accelerated program for foreig- trained dentists. Dr. Davila practiced dentistry in Peru before coming to the US.


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